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Bombing around Ballard: Verity Credit Union Classic Criterium

Published by HPCCycling on 11 Jun 2015

Racers: Joel Fletcher, Steven Beardsley, Stephen Bedford, Kent Ross
and Trevor Spahr

We had our game plan fully laid out before the race and we were looking forward to a great result. The Verity Credit Union Classic (Ballard Criterium) will always be known as "Ballard Twilight" to us. This four-corner course through the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle has two sections of cobbles and a slight uphill drag.

From the gun, Bedford was extremely aggressive, getting into an early three-rider break with Kaler Marshall (Audi) and Theo Schwartz (HSP). These were two of the biggest teams in the race, so this move had the potential to be successful. The break eventually got up to around a 40-second gap. Marshall and Bedford eventually dropped Schwarz, and the duo stayed away for around 30 minutes. With Bedford off in the break, Trevor and Joel marshalled the front of the race, covering moves.

The breakaway eventually got pulled back with the help of a few different teams. Bedford stayed aggressive and went after primes and put himself into quite a few different moves after being caught.

Joel went down on one of the cobbled sections right before the pack caught the breakaway. This was a freak accident, with his rear tire coming out from under him. Unfortunately Beardsley was on his wheel and Both riders went down. Joel was cut up pretty badly and had issues holding his bars with a injured wrist. Both Beardsley and Joel got back into the race, but Joel pulled out after an hour of not being able to use his left arm. Beardsley, with his ripped skinsuit and road rash, made his way back to the front .

In the last 10 minutes of the race, Trevor turned himself inside out to cover moves and keep the race together for our sprinters. Bedford ended up winning the gambler's prime with 1 lap to go. Ben Swedberg (Audi) jumped early on the back stretch to hold off the pack and take the win, David Richter (HSP) finished 2nd, Nick Bennette (Keller Rohrback) -- the Washington State Criterium champion -- finished in 3rd. Our sprinters Steven Beardsley and Kent Ross finished 4th and 5th, respectively.

We are happy with our racing, and we are excited to have everything coming together as we prepare for the big events to come.

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