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Kings Valley: Game of (Porta-) Thrones

Published by HPCCycling on 15 Apr 2015

Riders: Carl Hoefer, Josh Liberles, Joel Fletcher, Galen Mittermann, Steven Beardsley, Kent Ross, Jonathan McCoy and Daniel Lincoln.
Words: Joel Fletcher; Photo: Jenn Levo


The Kings Valley Road Race in Monmouth, Oregon, is well known for putting former winners' names onto the port-o-potties on site. We were hoping for an HCH rider to have their name forever on a toilet after the day was done.

Early in the race, Jonathan McCoy was very active eventually getting into a break with Martin Acosta (TAI) that stayed away for almost a full lap. The entire team was active in keeping the break away: an HCH rider latched onto every bridge attempt, and we were very present near the front of the peloton.

After McCoy was caught, Daniel Lincoln counter-attacked a move by Joel up a roller and stayed away solo for over 25 miles on the challenging, hilly course. Again, the team was very active in allowing Daniel a crack at sticking this long-distance solo move.

Team Oregon came to the front of the peloton at this point and did most of the work to retrieve the dangerous rider who wouldn't quit. With about 15 miles left in the race, Daniel was caught and a counter move went off the front with Zach Winter (TAI) and Adam Farabaugh, who ended up finishing first and second, respectively. We made a mistake in not going with this move. Joel, Galen and Josh went to work chasing on the front of the peleton for the next 10 miles, bringing the gap down, but could not fully reel-in the two riders ahead.

After a wicked crosswind section, Joel gave one final pull into the 1k finish climb to keep things fast for Kent Ross -- the team's go-to guy for a result for the day. Kent ended up second in the field sprint and fourth on the day. We learned a lot from this race and will continue to improve as the season wears on.

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