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Mustering for Mason; Making Dirty Circles

Published by HPCCycling on 11 Mar 2015

Northward to Mason Lakes

words: Joel Fletcher
Squad: Joel, Kent Ross, Steven Beardsley, Stephen Bedford, Carl Hoefer, Trevor Spahr and Jonathan McCoy

We went into the first Mason Lakes race with a few cards to play. Joel's job was to go into an early break and, if it survived, try to win from the smaller group. Kent was our man for the bunch sprint.

From the end of the neutral rollout, attacks came fast and often. One finally stuck with Kaler Marshall (Audi), Stephen Lockwood (Team Oregon), David Richter (HSP) and a few others. Joel went with this move and the group established the move.

After a few miles, Oregon stud Jacob Rathe (Jelly Belly) came across the gap bringing Steven Beardlsey with him. From here everyone worked fairly well together to drive the break, with Richter sitting on and licking his sprinter's chops. The break had at most two and a half minutes over the peleton.

Even with Kaler's presence in the break, Audi still controlled the peleton as they wanted to set up their sprinter for a bunch finish. The break stayed away until the last lap when a last ditch effort by Rathe, Richter, Kaler and Joel was shut down with about three miles left in the race. From here Trevor played a huge part in driving the peleton, keeping Kent near the front and controlling things.

From about 1k to go, Kent followed wheels and came around Richter in the bunch sprint to take third behind Steve Fisher (Jelly Belly) and Benjamin Swedberg (Audi), who were first and  second, respectively.

Overall our team tactics worked well and Kent was able to capitalize on the work. We are looking forward to next week's races -- road season is here!

Breakaway at Dirty Circles, 2013

Dirty: Done and Dusted Circles

photo: File photo of Dirty Circles breakaway by Catherine Leigh Cooper 

On the homefront (well, Woodland, Washington, actually -- but, close enough), Galen Mittermann, Josh Liberles, Ryan McCracken and Scott Harman toed the line of Dirty Circles Race #2. The 1/2/3 race had six 6-mile laps on tap, but a crash in another field first neutralized the elite men's race, and then finally canceled the day with a lap and a half remaining. 

Although the race's unraveling was anticlimactic, the HCH-RPM trio made the most of their time out there. McCracken and Liberles were active early on, then Liberles made the decisive attack at the end of lap two. TAI's Justin Buell joined the Hosmer Chiro - RPM Mortgage rider, and the duo quickly got to work to carve out a gap over the peloton. 

Buell and Liberles stuck the move for over a half-hour, with Liberles winning the "wine prime" for good measure -- a $40 bottle of cabernet -- before Colby Wait-Molyneux began his bid to bridge across. With about 10 miles of racing left, Liberles decided to wait for Colby's added horsepower. A half-lap later, race officials neutralized both the break and the peloton. Six more miles, and the organizers canceled the race to tend to an injured racer in the road. 

We wish everyone who tasted pavement a speedy return to health, and we look forward to getting back in the dirty ring with the usual suspects next week. Until then, cheers!

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