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Scratching and Clawing: 2015 Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race

Published by HPCCycling on 25 May 2015

Words: Joel Fletcher
Racers: Joel Fletcher, Josh Liberles, Trevor Spahr, Adam Oliver, Steven Beardsley and Kent Ross

Stage 1 (6.5 Mile Eddy TT)


This Eddy-style TT was fairly flat with one short 20-second climb in the middle. With a tail or tail/crosswind for the entire course, it was fast. We put three guys in the top 20 with Trevor at 20 seconds down in 4th place, Josh at 40 seconds down in 11th, and Adam at 48 seconds down in 18th. Michael Sheenan (Elbowz Racing) won the stage.

Stage 2 (Downtown Criterium)


With Steven's form coming on strong, our plan was to work for his crit result while keeping everyone from losing time during the crit. Trevor got his traditional hole-shot while Joel took over after that, covering attacks and marshaling the front of the race to keep things together for Steven. Unfortunately an illness caught up with Steven 3/4 of the way through the race and he had to drop out. With the fast pace, Adam also got popped of the back but hung on long enough so that he could start the road race. Joel drifted back into the peloton after seeing Beardsley out, and Josh and Kent were on their own for the finish. Josh became very active in the end of the race, getting into two successive dangerous breaks, although he eventually was brought back just as the field got the bell for one lap to go. Josh kept his good positioning and finished 8th, and Kent moved up to finish 6th. Michael Sheenan (Elbowz Racing) repeated his winning ways and proved he'd be one of the favorites for the overall.

Stage 3 (Road Race)

With only Adam losing time in the criterium, everyone else was a minute or less down on GC going into the road race. Our plan was to try and keep Trevor in the lead group with Adam. The beginning of the race was fast with dangerous moves leaving the front of the race and Josh worked hard to make sure everything was covered. The peloton would string out on the climb and then come back together on the descent and through the flats. Joel and Kent worked hard to keep everything together for Trevor while helping Adam in good position leading into the climb.

On lap 5, the race blew up with many attacks on the climb. Kent did everything he could to keep Adam and Trevor in the front group. Trevor was popped on the last climb while Adam stayed with the lead group and eventually finished 12th on the day. Dylan Cunningham (Russ Hays) won the day, with Jordan Cheyne (Ride With Rendall) coming in with the same time and taking the overall GC win.

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