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Freewheeling: Portland's Snowpocalypse

Published by HPCCycling on 10 Feb 2014  |

The past few days Portland has gotten hit with one of the most entrenching snowstorms I can remember. The first day of snow heralded some epic cyclocross adventures around the neighborhood and it still wasn’t bad enough to keep me and my surly Idaho-native neighbors from going out for wings from Fire on the Mountain Saturday night, but Portland’s signature veneer of freezing rain that same evening was enough to keep us from skiing Sunday.

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In 2014, Green Means Go

Published by HPCCycling on 04 Feb 2014  |

Now that ‘Cross Worlds is over, full attention is pointed on the road season ahead. For the HCH-RPM Elite squad, this means different things to different riders, but a desire for continued dominance is present throughout. Coming into the season, the riders reflect on what the team means to them and what they want to work together to accomplish.

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Ol' Fazio had a Farm of Pain, and the Battle for Barton Park

Published by HPCCycling on 19 Nov 2013  |

The battle for Barton park was fast and all out, while Fazio Farm was a battle to stay upright. Another sloppy Saturday and Sunday of cyclocross in Oregon, but green goes well with brown, so wherever there’s rain coming down you can be sure HPC-Cycling will come around.

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