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Continental Grand Prix 4 Seasons Tires

Sometimes you want tires that are slick, light and spin up like their filled full of helium. Sometimes you want tires that are as puncture resistant as a tank tread. But no one wants to feel like they are riding with a lead strip on each wheel. The Conti 4 seasons have managed to put great ride quality and relatively light weight into a year round training tire. The 4 seasons are the bike tire equivalent of "Die Hard's" John McLain. They can take a barrage of projectiles, are quick and light and never know when to quit. I had a set on my bike for over 6 months and 6,000 miles before I swapped them out. For another set of 4 seasons of course. The Continental Grand Prix 4 Seasons Road Tire. Highly recommended.

DZ Nuts

When you are howling down a TT course like Captain America on your way towards the W, the last thing you want to be thinking about is a little chaffing between the thighs. You need to be thoroughly lubricated, an unstoppable machine gliding towards the finish line. That means having a quality chamois cream down under. And for those fall/spring races, maybe even a little embro to fire things up before hand. You keep your bike well lubed, and your body deserves the same treatment. Because when you're straddling the line between winning and losing, and the only thing that can take you all the way is DZnuts.

Park Tools PMP-5 Adjustable Frame Pump

Sure, those sleek, light, 2-inch-long hand pumps are great. Until you need to pump up a tire. And CO2 cartridges have their place -- but you will use them all up on a ride. And who wants to create than much waste every time there's a flat tire?

The solution: you need a frame pump. This awesome one from Park Tools is adjustable on the fly -- it will extend from fitting a size small frame to an XL in a couple seconds. That means one pump for your road, cyclocross and maybe even TT bike too!

Poler Napsack -- wearable sleeping bag

Is it a wearable sleeping bag, or is it a sleepable parka? Semantics aside, this thing is pure genius. For the car campers out there, or those who like to be really snuggly after a cold cyclocross race, this could be the perfect product. As a bonus, Poler is a very cool Portland company, and they support a local OBRA cyclocross team as well as other cyclists and athletes farther afield.